Christian music workshops, offered by John Angotti, meets the needs of any Church or organization. His presentations are down to earth and he engages people to action through word and song. Below are just a few of the workshops offered. For information on additional workshops offered by JAMM MINISTRIES please contact us, we will be happy to assist.


“The Event: An Alternative Communal Prayer”

In this Christian music ministry workshop you will see how Pastor, Music Minister, Liturgist and Spiritual Formations Directors work together to develop a creative non-liturgical form of prayer that initiates the spirit to sing and helps your congregation gain a better understanding of what it means to be Catholic and the importance of communal liturgical worship. Come and let your mind be opened to a new experience for all ages.

“The Living Liturgy of the Word”

Is your liturgy or prayer service in need of a motivational boost? Do you want to help people retain the message you’re trying to convey in your ministry? This workshop will give you ideas to let your creativity explore new ways of preaching the Word. In this workshop you will learn how to excite the assembly with the concept of story/song. This concept has two phases: 1) Common refrains wrapped around a homily or gospel. 2) Dramatic readings with various lectors, concluded with a contemporary motivational song that will enhance the emotion and understanding of the Word.

“Music Ministry: It’s Not Just About the Notes”

Does your Sunday Worship do what it should? Does your congregation leave effected by the sacrament they have just received or is it just going through the motions? To often we worry about singing the right notes instead of also looking at how music can elevate the sacrament to cause an effect in your life and therefore change hearts. Come and gather information and ideas on how to make your parish liturgy be the Common Ground on which everything else in parish life grows.

“Prove yourself a man!”

A man of God is a man of purpose and passion, who puts Christ first and lives radically for him. Through word and song, experience what it takes to be a man of God through the stories of Job, King David, and most especially Jesus Christ. Come to know God in the every day, so we will recognize him in the breaking of the bread. Get ready! It’s time to begin training to see if you have what it takes to become a man of God; who knows what he believes, believes in where he belongs, and makes a difference.